A Year With Legalize Appalachia: Annual Report 2022

Pale green cannabis flower black and green text "A Year with Legalize Appalachia: 2022 Annual Report"

Legalize Appalachia’s 2022 Annual Report is here! We are thrilled to share the milestones, celebrations and challenges of launching and growing this grassroots org. Read the full report below for radical transparency in finances, impact, and a look at what's on the horizon for 2023. 

Not one bit of our progress and potentiality would be possible without the incredible support of our community— the volunteers, the founding board, those who generously donated their dollars, products, time, wisdom and so much more in support of this cause.

Thank you to every supporter, every share and to each of y’all who have continually lifted us up and motivated us forward along this wild journey.



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