Legalize Appalachia x East Fork Raffle

Get your tickets, y’all! Legalize Appalachia is hosting a digital raffle to raise funds for its Prohibition Hurts Cash Aid and Free Therapy pilot programs. The raffle features five pieces of rare East Fork pottery including plates and bowls in retired and never-released glazes:

  • (2) Everyday Bowls in Butter. This never-released glaze is a dreamy, creamy yellow.
  • (1) Popcorn Bowl in Harvest Moon. Collectors love this “old clay” body and 2017 iteration of the popcorn bowl shape.
  • (2) Cake Plates in Pollen. A retired and highly collectable glaze. 

One raffle winner receives all of the coveted East Fork pottery. Our entire region benefits from efforts to equitably legalize cannabis and ease the harms of prohibition. 


PLEASE NOTE: US shipping address required. Digital raffle will be live for ticket sales from June 13th at noon EST to June 20th at 11:59pm est. One winner will be randomly selected via a Galabid draw on June 21 by 5pm EST and the winner will be notified via email. Raffle ticket sales support Legalize Appalachia’s work and future in powerful ways. 70% of ticket purchase is restricted to Prohibition Hurts and Free Therapy Pilot Programs and 30% is unrestricted to cover administrative and operational costs. $5 tickets. Limit 100 per person. 5000 tickets available. 

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