Somewhere Higher With You: Cannabis Club Recap 10.19.2022


Our first in-person event was a beautiful and inspiring experience. As our Communication Director Jay Nathan put it, “we laughed. we cried. we felt alllll the feels.” The community showed up and engaged in a powerful conversation on the realities of living under prohibition and the post-prohibition future we envision together for Appalachia.

Folks shared their most heartfelt, personal and challenging experiences. We laughed and shared our love for the plant. We learned together and from each other. We enjoyed a beautiful, moving film that we feel so fortunate to have been able to watch together. Our founding board members met IRL for the first time ever (yes, we are 100% remote!).

As one of our attendees wisely said, “we’ve got to keep having more conversations like this. More spaces. More opportunities. More education. More outreach.” We must because as Gabrielle LeFlore, Vice Chair of Legalize Appalachia said “we're doing this for the folks who can't y’all.”  

We hope this recap gives you a glimpse into the community and magic of Legalize Appalachia IRL. And we hope to see you next time we gather!

WANT TO EXPERIENCE THE CANNABIS CLUB WITH LEGALIZE APPALACHIA? Watch Somewhere Higher here. And tune in to the livestream recordings below. 



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