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How Can We Access Quality Medical Cannabis Information in the Prohibition South?

I am a chronic illness sufferer and future Medical Cannabis (MC) patient living in a prohibition state. I need to access high-quality medical information and advice from medical professionals about how to incorporate the whole cannabis plant into my routines. However, when I’ve attempted to find compassionate, knowledgeable specialists, or been honest with my care-providers, I’ve been met with push-back, confusion and doctor bias to the point of distraction.

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Zine on the Scene

Art is fuel for activism, and zines have been a source of inspiration and underground information for decades. These DIY publications combine art, writing, and often a call to action around an issue that’s been misconstrued in other media. A zine is a powerful labor of love and agent of change. Legalize Appalachia’s zine, Cannabis For All Y’all, is proud to join more than ​​10,000 zines in the Barnard College Zine Library at Barnard College of Columbia University in New York.  Zines in their collection are added to a worldwide union catalog so anyone around the world can order them via Interlibrary Loan. They are also added to Columbia University’s online catalog, which allows researchers who may never have heard...

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Legalize Appalachia x East Fork Raffle

Get your tickets, y’all! Legalize Appalachia is hosting a digital raffle to raise funds for its Prohibition Hurts Cash Aid and Free Therapy pilot programs. The raffle features five pieces of rare East Fork pottery including plates and bowls in retired and never-released glazes: (2) Everyday Bowls in Butter. This never-released glaze is a dreamy, creamy yellow. (1) Popcorn Bowl in Harvest Moon. Collectors love this “old clay” body and 2017 iteration of the popcorn bowl shape. (2) Cake Plates in Pollen. A retired and highly collectable glaze.  One raffle winner receives all of the coveted East Fork pottery. Our entire region benefits from efforts to equitably legalize cannabis and ease the harms of prohibition.  PURCHASE RAFFLE TICKETS HERE PLEASE...

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