Legalize Appalachia is a North Carolina non-profit working to equitably legalize cannabis in Appalachia. We support communities, individuals and families marginalized by the continued prohibition of cannabis in the South with cash aid, free therapy, cannabis advocacy and community education.


Legalize Appalachia's vision is an Appalachia that is thriving with safe access to cannabis and the enormous social, economic and environmental benefits that follow this green shift. Our role is to help folks who have been harmed until and long after we achieve regional decriminalization and widespread legalization. It isn’t possible to erase but hopefully we can ease the harm done by a century of prohibition in the South.

Founded by Gabrielle LeFlore, Jerome Johnson, Tarleton Walmsley and Jamie Boling. The mission and vision are inspired by our founders’ work in Public Health, Grassroots Organizing, and Hemp / Cannabis Business. Their backgrounds combined with personal experiences with the criminalization of cannabis highlighted the need for community support, financial assistance and mental health resources for folks in the prohibition South.

Meet the Legalize Appalachia Board of Directors